TV & Film

Luke Brown has had over 30 years experience in creating perfect environments for butterflies. The Butterfly Gardener Ltd is accredited with countless butterfly projects around the world ranging from public and private butterfly houses, butterflies in TV, Film, music videos and advertising as well as consulting for artists and designers at every level.

From Hollywood blockbusters to low budget music video and everything in-between, butterflies have graced our screens adding romance to a feel good scene or helping to encourage you to buy washing powder. 

The Butterfly Gardener has vast experience in the use of both live and natural death butterflies in all media applications whilst upholding the ethical importance towards the creatures that the company has been built upon.

Whether you need butterflies in a set location or a butterfly house to film in, if you need a temporary environment created in a back street in London or at the top of a skyscraper in New York. Even a butterfly fluttering over a product brand - we can probably do it.